Creative works influence other creatives, and the whole ball would start rolling.

Self-internal delving acts as an expression transmits to the outer world, then the flow goes on among its visual communication, beyond verbal expression.

The name of our artist residency came from this concept based on this hope that we will be in the place initiating the first act of cultural seeds igniting as one “PIN” and would spread the energetic flow and include all people and circumstances around it in a positive circulation.

We would simply record the whole flow simultaneously.

Lake Shikotsu

Tomakomai Seaport

Located in the pleasant town called Hidaka Town, which is two-hours away from Sapporo by car, and where those beautiful horses are well-taken care of with abundance of its surrounding nature, our first experimental artist residency program will be taken place by welcoming those curious artists who are willing to share your thoughts for how we could potentially build up our unique creative hub of the artist residency in a pro-long and diverse manner from now onwards.

There is a potential building site as our permanent-based art residency in a city called “Chitose City” which is only 45 minutes away from Sapporo, and where our main international airport is located, unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere as literally surrounded by forest with wild animals and birds.

However, since this potential building site in Chitose City is still under the initial stage of its renovation, we are setting our residency program this year in our temporary creative lodges located in a town called Hidaka Town, which is two hours away from Sapporo by car.

As for this year 2024, let us explain a bit about what you could expect from this pleasant small town called Hidaka Town! The charm of the land called Hidaka Town is that there are plenty of treasure ingredients surrounded by mountains and the sea.

We have a wide variety of specialty products, including seafood such as salmon, kelp and shishamo, as well as Wagyu beef, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

Hidaka Town is also famous for its racehorse breeding and breeding farms, but there are also tourist farms.

3-Month Artist RetreatJuly 1st - September 30th, 2024
Application OpensApril 1st 2024
DeadlineMay 31st 2024
DicisionsJune 7th 2024

Residency program
in Hidaka Town

Please contact us here!

We are pleased to invite new and professional artists of all ages, from all kinds of backgrounds.

As our permanent residency building site is under construction, in the process of renovation brainstorming stage, that we would like for all residency participants to be able to cope with temporary lodging status in a flexible manner; however, we would do our best to meet your expectations and support your creative drives while you would be staying with us here in the unique location of our residency.

Applicants acknowledge that they will leave a contribution to our residency collection at the end of the stay.

  • Temoporary Lodging – Hidaka Town
  • Future prospect of our residency site – Chitose City

From 2 weeks up to the whole 3 months (Negotiable)

1 or 2 resident artists can live and work in their residential studio with bunk beds, shared shower, toilet, kitchen and common room in the adjacent building of the student dormitory, which is located next to our temporary creative workshops which are under renovation of the old abandoned horse house.

Since we are just starting out our residency from the real scratch, somebody who would be willing to create art from found-in-space sort of a site-specific art project might be suitable for this occasion.

250 USD/week (min.2 weeks)

For payment in EUR, approximately *** EUR
For payment in JPY, approximately*** JPY

The amounts mentioned do not include exchange fees charged by credit card companies or payment processors. Please be aware that the amounts are subject to change due to rapid fluctuations in exchange rates.

Organizing a workshop, a talk and an exhibition welcome. Please submit a proposal in advance.

For this year 2024 in the temporary residency site, there will be a summer camp held by school students of age 6 – 18 simultaneously, it would be possible to create some collaborative projects if it fits your timeframe.

If you are interested, please contact us here.

We are accepting applications from talented artists!

To apply, please fill out the required information in this Google form and submit.

You can upload your portfolio after applying. In that case, please upload from Dropbox.

Planning and operation

Every bit of donation will encourage us with the starting costs of getting this artist residency program off the ground successfully!
If you have any questions, or are interested in supporting us in any other ways, please feel free to reach out on.